Edith and Stan Maples-Churchill Family


Marlene Towery Steve this might help clarify-chuck is moms baby bother, Gina Is his wife, Lee is their oldest daughter (she's in the pic w/nana...Lee was 5yrs old) Melisa is my cousin her dad is Tim (one of moms brothers too & she's Tims oldest daughter.. #1 of 4) Hope that helps some:)
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Melisa Maples We have a ton of family history on ancestory.com as well :) Uncle Tom is also a valuable resource as he has a majority of the original information. Cheers
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Marlene Towery Thanks Melisa....our cousin Steve will greatly appreacite that:)
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Edie + Stan Maples
Dwayne, Dean, Blythe, Tim, Tom

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